Tuesday, January 4, 2011

he's almost 2...and ALL boy?

this boy brings so much joy into my life.  i amazed at the things he thinks of doing.  he is totally 100% boy, and he is totally 100% a mama's boy.  he may have had the best christmas ever, he got lots of toy story stuff, dinosaurs, and guns.  what more could a curious little boy ask for.  my days have been consumed with picking up nerf amo and pulling triggers on nerf guns, stepping on dinosaurs, not to mention all out nerf wars with my kitchen table on its side used as a fort.  

however, he is still a sweet sensitive little guy as well.  
my husband will kill me for this, and my brother.in.law will get a great laugh, but he loves to take buzz for rides in the stroller. 

he brought 1 gun out for him, and one out for his dinosaur (which by the way never leaves his side)

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