Sunday, January 30, 2011

11 things I know to be true

Yesterday we celebrated my Aunt's wedding day at Addison Oaks. 

Here is what I know
  • Going to a wedding with kids is fun and CRAZY!
  • My daughter love love loves to take pictures

  •  These 2 are just adorable

  •  These 3 are too cute for words

  •  He would eat ice all day long if I allowed him

  •  She might be my bestest friend!  Please note our appetizer plates. 

  •  Curse independence, 1 grape at a time!!!

  •   This is how she prays, isn't she beautiful?

  •  My brother still makes me laugh!

  •  He may have eaten over 10 godiva chocolate truffles

  • She is truly madly deeply in love with both of these guys!  I mean TRULY MADLY & DEEPLY.


Anna said...

I love the ice picture, Nina! Christopher is adorable.

Jessica said...

Your complexion looks so gorgeous in this photo Nina.


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