Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mother knows best...

my little girl has been going back and forth on how she feels about naps!  

she is at that point where somedays she will fight me to the death to just have quiet time, and others she will go lay down and take a nice little kitty-cat nap (it's what we bunks call them).  now me on the other hand, i know she NEEDS a nap every day, she is just exhausted by 7ish and can't even cope i'm her mother i know best.  right??  

so lately i have been giving her the option depending on her attitude whether she wants to have quiet time or a nap.  

today i told her, as long as her room was clean instead of taking a nap, we would open the pieces she got for her dollhouse from her birthday, and she could just have quiet time.  she was over the moon!  she couldn't wait to have her quiet time.  

fast forward 2 hours later and this is what i found...

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