Friday, December 24, 2010

he's almost 2...right??

here is the backstory.  
he helped me make snickerdoodles yesterday for a christmas party.  
he must have thought he was entitled to eat ALL of them.  
he went into the basement to get his stool, put it next to the counter grabbed a cookie and enjoyed.  
i said no more cookies, he did it again.  
i pushed the cookies up the counter so he couldn't reach them, and yet he somehow managed to get one more, not only for him but his sister too!
i finally put my foot down, "NO more cookies!"  

he looked at me stuck out his bottom matt bunk lip, THREW his cookie on the ground and here it is!  
please note the cookie!


Keri said...

how could you blame him....your snickerdoodles are amazing. There is no way I could only eat one either!

Victoria said...

aw lol nina i have to admit when you brought them to the bakesale i was the first to grab them and ended up eating like 5 or 6-they're amazing!


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