Thursday, December 2, 2010

he's almost 2!

i have been battling the issue for #3.  yesterday it sounded like a great idea, when #2 walked into parisian with me like a big boy and made all the women turn and say he is just adorable. 

however today, i am just trying to get through.  
case in point...
this was taken 10 minutes ago, when i told him NO he couldn't sit on the counter, and NO he couldn't pull the bulbs off the christmas tree. 

this was taken 2 minutes after when maddy asked him to come play weeble wobbles with her. 
he is definitely getting by on those adorable looks, and that handsome smile, that is for sure!


lori bunk said...


Whittaker Woman said...

Love the real pictures! Love it! H

Karen said...

ha! love it!


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