Monday, December 13, 2010

dr. bahlhorn

champs was in good hands at his 1st emergency visit to dr. B! on Twitpic
my new favorite dentist and her assistant!

we made an emergency run to visit dr. bahlhorn, after champ fell down the stairs and chipped his tooth.  maddy loved seeing hannah and champ, well he was a champ, in fact i may have had the wrong child while there.  we had him laying upside down on mine and hannah's lap and he never made a peep, i mean nothing, i was stunned!

luckily he just chipped it and didn't have any nerve damage, so she put a little sealant on it and we were off, however not before getting our very own masks and prizes.

once we arrived home, maddy was off to her room for quiet/nap time.
i went to peak in on her, and she had her mask on and her rapunzel doll was laying on her bed.

me...madeline what are you doing?
maddy...i'm playing dentist like hannah, i am checking supunzel's teeth.

1 comment:

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

she is more than precious! i'm glad i got to see you today despite the circumstances... he was an ANGEL... see i know i should have specialized in pediatrics! ;)

i love you nina


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