Sunday, November 14, 2010

we made it

2 adults, 2 kids, 20 hours in the car, 7 stops (2 of them chick-fil-a), driving through the night, and we made it safe and sound to sunny florida.  
here is what i know...

  • driving thought the night with a car of full of sleeping people isn't fun, unless you have your bff in the car in front of you, which sadly we didn't have this year.
  • fresh meat on the side of the road at night, is never a good thing. 
  • i am not cut out for the racing circuit, i have gotten weak in my old age
  • caffeine is truly a placebo!  
  • my son really and truly HATES any mode of transportation, other than my hip!!!!
  • Jesus did hear my prayers of "please just get me to south carolina without hitting a deer"
  • chick-fil-a is good at 6:30 in the morning 
  • my husband is ABSOLUTELY amazing!
  • georgia has too many policemen monitoring their freeway
  • explaining tomorrow when it is today is hard to do to a 4 year old
happy week of relaxation to us!
it is sunday and we enjoyed a little festival and some vitamin d.  


lori bunk said...

i know you missed our walkie-talkie fun talks this year!!!

glad you guys made it safe.

jessie said...

Love the Fireman-Madeline sandwich! how cute.

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

i didn't know that you were going to fla!!! have fun! xoox


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