Sunday, November 7, 2010

passing me by

i feel as though this fall has passed me by.  we have been going 90 mph and haven't slowed down.  here is just a short recap.

we enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon at partridge creek a few weeks back, i just so happened to get this picture of my son, in all his pouting glory. 

we went to a fancy nancy cupcake party at barnes and nobles.  if you haven't checked this out you should.  barnes and nobles does a fancy nancy story time on the 3rd thursday of the month and it is AWESOME!  the girls come in their fanciest outfits, they get read a couple stories, do a craft, and this time they got to decorate a cupcake.  the best part...IT'S FREE!!   

we had a mini X-games in our back yard!
who do you think won?

 my men watching their games, he loves watching anything that has a ball being thrown, kicked or hit, especially when matt is sitting next to him.  he has become quite independent!  he is starting to say so much now, and has become quite demanding.  he copies everything his older sister does, and i mean everything!  he is all boy.  
his new word is dow, which means he wants up.  AWESOME!

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Karen said...

So so adorable! Seeing Matt in the air reminded me of when he used to "fall" down the steps! ha!


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