Monday, November 29, 2010

happy birthday...AGAIN

last night we celebrated madeline's birthday, for the last time with family. 
 we had quite a house full but it was awfully fun!

the tower o cupcakes!

my lovely with their very own licorice centerpieces

birthday banner

my birthday girl

they are so in love!

very excited to show daddy her new lego walkie talkies

minnie earmuffs

it is not easy to get 7 kiddies to look and smile!  this was take 4!!


Keri said...

The minnie party looked so good! All the time you put in was worth it! Great job Nina!!

April Maus said...

You did a fantastic job Nina!! All the Minnie stuff was too cute...and the ribbon you put around the cake tier was so perfect! I just want to be Nina Bunk when I grow up :-)


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