Tuesday, October 19, 2010

isaac and madeline

my nephew isaac is spent the night at our house last night!!  i would like to take a minute and just record a few of the 1 liners i have heard in just the 1st hour he has been here so far...

me - isaac do you like vanilla ice cream?
isaac - well do they have chocolate brownie ice cream?  i like that.

while playing house
isaac - i am in charge b/c i am the daddy
maddy - i am in charge too
isaac - maddy you are in charge of the kids, and i am in charge of you!

maddy - you can't play with this until you are 18, are you 18?
isaac - yeah maddy, i am 18, don't take my toy, aunt nina...
maddy - ok here you can be 18, just don't tell my mom

maddy - mom what princess is black?
me - well um, princess tiana is black
isaac - well why doesn't she wear pink?
maddy - she doesn't like pink she wears green and white.  princess and the frog is bad, i don't watch that,  i don't like bad guys, but my dad likes bad guys
isaac - my dad likes bad guys too


lori bunk said...

i can't thank you enough... he had SO MUCH FUN! we will return the favor soon...

jessie said...

Love the dialogue


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