Friday, October 15, 2010

day 5

reason #4,596,321

he finally figured out after 6 years my love language is gifts.  
and by finally figured out i mean that for the past 5 days i have gotten a gift!

day 1.  6 boxes of hot tamales
day 2.  a starbucks giftcard for 6 toffee nut lattes
day 3.  6 coupons for free hugs (secret inside joke, and i love it)
day 4.  6 bags of chilli fritolays
day 5.  ...

1 comment:

jessie said...

that's funny, I scored ZERO for gifts. my love language is far & away, words of affirmation & touch. My mother ONLY showed love via gifts, never once said she loved me or much positive to me and never gave me a hug, so I think I yearn for that now and gifts really don't mean much. Did you get coal in your stockings as a child, Nina? haha! =)


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