Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day 3

reason #5 

he humors me! 
for the most part he will go along with my harebrained ideas 
i said for the most part, because he picks his battles.  
i secretly know he loves my spontaneity. 

exhibit a.
 he will drive 45 minutes out of our way to stop at my favorite cupcake place in cali.  
the kids may be screaming and i will tell him it isn't worth it, but he still took me there!

 exhibit b.
after deciding on a last minute gift for my niece and screwing it up, he stepped in with this goofball picture for her "3 little monkeys" book as the "momma called uncle matt and uncle matt said..."

exhibit c.
he let me tear up his grass to plant some sunflowers 
in the most ridiculous place in our entire yard. 

exhibit d.
this photo shoot took a lot of coaxing, but look how cool it came out!!

exhibit e.
he followed me all the way to the end of the pier in charlevoix, 
 so i could live out my dream as a storm chaser.

exhibit f.  
who's crazy idea was it to take these 2 firecrackers across the country

 thank you matt bunk for just loving life with me!

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