Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the hat

2 years ago when we went to california madeline's face broke out from sunscreen. it was a nightmare and i wasn't ready to deal with that this year with either of my kids.

oo i was on a search for hats for them, maddy was easy she had a cute little roxy hat that she loved to wear and we were done.

now champ was a diffrent story, he wouldn't keep a hat on so i had to find one with a thingy that went under his chin. he hated it but it worked, i found this adorable dinosaur hat at the gap marked down to $3. it's cute, but i know someday he is going to look back at these pictures and want to kill me.

the one thing i can say is that neither of my kids burned the whole 12 days we were gone! i am pretty proud of myself!

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