Friday, August 27, 2010


this morning we had the pleasure of going to the zoo. while it was fun i have to say the highlight of my day was the conversation madeline and i had on our ride home. i tried to remember every little thing she said . because it might have been the funnest convo us girls have had in a while!

maddy: mom do you wish that you lived at the circus and told everyone what to do there?
me: hmm, no because then i wouldn't get to see you, champ, and daddy every day.

maddy: oh mommy, we would live there with you and come see your show every single night, it would be so amazing.
me: oh, well then i definitely wish i did that job.

maddy: you know then i could be a ballerina that stands on an elephant. i could dance and do a plie on the elephant. or i could be an acrobat
me: wow you would do that, i would love to watch you do that.

maddy: what else do you wish you could do?
me: well i wish i could live in australia and jump around in a mama kangaroos pouch all the time.

maddy: whoa that sounds like fun. i wish i could be a pear at a grocery store
me: why would you want to be a pear??

maddy: well because then i could smile at people and they would come see me and give money and i would give them food and stuff like that.
me: oh a payer, i thought you said pear.

maddy: no why would i want to be a pear? what else do you wish mommy?
me: well i wish i could be a hippopotamus that does ballet, like wear a tutu and ballet shoes

maddy: umm if you do that i am not coming to see you.
me: why?? i would be so cute!

maddy: uhh you would eat me!! you would be a hippo, hello??!! are we home yet, i have to go potty!


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