Thursday, July 1, 2010

rochester fireworks

last night was our annual rochester firework outing, we had SO MUCH fun!
the wonderful carollo family joined in on the festivities this year, we had tivoli's, roasted marshmallows, and ice cream!

i really thought this would be the only pic i got of this guy tonight, i thought he would for sure fall asleep on the way there!
maddy was so excited to see mantha and aunt patti
bright eyed and ready to go! he ate 2 pieces of pizza!
my little ham
the official marshmallow roaster
he was so excited to see the fireworks, he was squealing, we were all watching him!
maddy and her bff mantha

1 comment:

Patti Carollo said...

great pictures nina!! we had such a FUN time!!! what a great memory~ counting down the days to SoCal to make lots more <3 you ALL so much!!!


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