Wednesday, July 7, 2010

champ and his big sister

i remember right when i had christopher, my bree was telling me how sweet her 2 girls would play together at times, she was saying how they would dance around the living room holding hands and such, and how she was so happy that they had each other.

i started thinking oh maddy will have a little sister someday but for now she has a little brother.

well i wouldn't want it any other way now, they have just started playing together and they are just the cutest together. the past couple of days they have been wanting to take naps together, he will crawl up in her bed with her and she will rub his head. of course it doesn't last long because soon she is yelling "mom, will you put champ in his crib." but for those few minutes it is just priceless!

i love how she will love on him and watch out for him, even after he scratches and hits her.
i love how when he puts his new shoes on she says "oh champ, look at those cute shoes"
i love that as soon as he hears maddy is up in her room, he races to her door.


lori bunk said...

for some reason maddy looks SUPER OLD to me in these pics! i can't take it!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

they are growing up so fast nina!!! i love the pics on the wall of maddie's room... i'm off to work right now...but i can't wait to see you next thursday at aunt patties :)

they are beautiful !

jessie said...

Maddy is looking more and more like you!


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