Thursday, June 10, 2010


reasons i love april maus....
  • she came over this afternoon, and watched my kids
  • she is a complete breath of fresh air
  • while watching 5 kids, she documented it with my camera
  • she spent quality time with my little girl (who is still talking about how much fun mrs. april is)
  • her sons taught maddy how to climb on the roof of her clubhouse!
  • she gave my son a killer mohawk
  • she video taped maddy as a ballerina, and connor and jordan as break dancers
  • she still loves my son after he threw a rock on her foot
  • she took some amazing pictures of our kids!!


Keri said...

she did take some great pictures - but she did have a lot of really cute kids to work with :)

Victoria said...

i LOVE april! i'm the babysitter for their family.they're the best! such cute pictures


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