Tuesday, May 11, 2010

who needs barbie...

aunt karen has finally returned from traveling the globe, and with her returns she brought back several souvenirs!! i am sure you remember this little number she got from korea. this time around we got quite a few things(i am saving them for a later post), one of which are real russian nesting dolls. since the second madeline laid eyes on these dolls, they have not left her side. she has done everything with them, even on mother's day when we couldn't find her, she was in the other room playing with her dollies, which by the way have been named from biggest to littlest, nina, madeline, scarlett, juliette & christopher. thank you aunt karen!
(the middle picture is a re-enactment, but the others are really where she puts them)

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denise said...

You have been awarded the Sunshine Award at my blog! http://deniseslater.blogspot.com/2010/05/sunshine-award.html

Congratulations :)


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