Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 of my besties

the picture is so crumby b/c it is off my phone (click on it to make it bigger), but seriously how cute are they!

these are 2 of my bestest friends! the best part is that they think they are little girlfriends too!

madeline came home from my mom's house a few weeks ago and said to me...
"mom, nana and i are getting matching bathing suits for the beach in california. and papa is going to take us to berry happy."

believe me she hasn't forgotten it either. so this morning while at marshalls we found this adorable suitcase, and sure enough maddy runs to the other aisle and found the "madeline" sized one.

maddy..."look nana, we can have matching suitcases for california, this is a madeline one and that is a nana one"

my mom was opening the big one to see how big it was and her little shadow did the exact same thing, she sat on the ground and tried opening her suitcase, she then preceded to wheel it all around the store with her until we checked out!
i love these 2!

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