Saturday, April 10, 2010

the journey begins

we planted our sunflowers this beautiful saturday morning! hopefully they make it, more for my daughters sake! so we will see in the next few weeks what pops up!

in closing, my husband wanted me to state that he wasn't happy with the location i chose, but in my defense it is the only place in our yard that gets direct sun all day. sorry matt!


niku said...

Last year my husband accidentally weed whacked all of our sunflowers. We still give him grief about it, but can't wait to plant again!

Kathy said...

Nina, beware or squirrels!!!!! Espically with the flowers being planted by the fence!!! Last year, I planted 6 varietys of sunflowers and the squirrels used the fence to jump and get the sunflowers. They even ate through the tallest ones stem, like a saw to a tree, and brought it down. I was so mad!!!! Hope you have better luck!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

hey grow like mad... ask bethany ;)

Karen said...

Marigolds are supposed to keep squirrels away -- try putting a few of those around!!!


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