Wednesday, April 21, 2010

feeling crafty

sometimes i get in these moods where i feel a bit stir crazy. they tend to come on when matt works late, my kids are acting crazy and i have had slim to none adult interaction!
in any case i was in one of those moods this morning, so i took it upon myself to paint this box the kids have had sitting in the playroom for a while. i told maddy if she was good we would go to joann's and pick out a little wooden thingy to put on it, well we got to joann's and i had a better idea. all the vinyl wall decals were 70% off so i scored these adorable animals and went to work while the kids were sleeping, 3 coats of paint, lots of peeling and applying decals, and 1 coat of mod podge later!! i am quite pleased!


Anna said...

How cute! I need to get into doing crafty stuff. I used to do random sort of crafty stuff awhile ago, back when free time was much more plentiful. Ha. Nice work on your project!

Jaimie said...

they are soooooo cute!!!! what a great idea:)

denise said...

so cute! I want some vinyls!!!

Krystle Rose said...

I love the lion. =)

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

those are the cutest nina!!! wow i really love them... u lil crafty thing!


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