Saturday, March 13, 2010

lost...1 cup

maddy: daddy can you help me find my cup?
daddy: yeah what does it look like
maddy: here i will draw a picture of what it looks like for you. it's like a square cup, it has all diffrent things, like gold, sparkles, china and peanut butter, and jelly and choclolate. that's what it looks like. try to look for my gold cup. when i was in my bedroom i remember i saw it last year, but i don't remember what shape it was
daddy: what is on this cup?
maddy: a princess, a dragon, and a cat
daddy: ok you just sit there while i look for it for you.
maddy: ok daddy i will color the cup some more
daddy: i know what would help, is if you would help me find your cup
maddy: i know what would help, if you keep looking for my cup


Jaimie said...

she has such a great imagination!!!

chipman said...

I have to admit I love this blog

Don't tell anyone I look at it.

Love you



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