Wednesday, March 3, 2010

before meet after

today has been quite the emotional roller coaster!
i told maddy we were making cupcakes for her class tonight at church because isaac would be going to a new class so we are throwing him a little party. she was not having it at all! my heart broke for her, she didn't understand why he was leaving her class, why she couldn't go into his new class, why she isn't bigger and the list goes on. i mean just sobbing, my heart ached, i was at a loss for what to say to make it all go away for her. so after lots of tears and a nap we were back to our happy selves, helping sprinkle all the cupcakes with sprinkles, making lists of things not to forget (it is her new favorite thing, to write out lists for me so i don't forget anything) and being a happy little girl again. what a morning.


lori bunk said...

same thing over here! isaac is excited about moving up, but doesn't understand why maddy, drew and luke can't come with him. "they will be 4 very soon, mom!" sunday might be a rough one!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

she is so adorable in that last picture.. geez she is getting sooo old!! boo! i love and miss miss you guys!!



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