Friday, February 19, 2010

where did 1 year go?

today my little man turns 1, i remember this day like it was yesterday!
i remember...
  • waiting for angie to come over and watch maddy as we got ready to drive to the hospital
  • crying on the way to the hospital thinking what have i gotten myself into and why do we have a girl name but still no boy name
  • waiting in the triage, hoping my favorite nurse was there
  • still waiting in the triage and laughing at my brother-in-laws face when we told him we liked christopher for a name, little did he know we were serious
  • feeling like someone was pulling my ribs out of my stomach, literally
  • crying when they told me he was 10lbs
  • falling in love with this little tiny face

and now he is 1, my little peaceful baby has turned into this crazy ball of energy and i am loving every minute of it, i may not show it, but he is the cutest thing to walk the face of the earth, or should i say run.
i love his belly laugh
i love his open mouth kisses
i love his matt bunk lips
i love his papa tony's ears
i love his cheesy smile
i love how he runs into my arms
i love that he looks at me like i am his universe
i love that he still lets me squeeze him and cuddle him
i love his new little dances
i love that when music comes on he tries to sing
i love his little mohawk
i love his chunky squishy legs

i love you with all my heart christopher anthony!


Jaimie said...

happy birthday, Christopher!!! adorable post for an adorable boy:)

lori bunk said...

happy birthday christopher!!!!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday Christopher! he is too cute and it seems like he became a toddler overnight.

Kristen said...

Yay, Christopher! It seems like only yesterday you were sharing your throw up with me in the you run around and barely notice I am there! :o) Such is life! Happy, happy birthday to you!


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