Saturday, February 20, 2010

this belly!

christa and brandon got married tonight, we had such a fun night!
especially bree and i, as we made it our goal to see how many things we could get to balance on her adorable full belly! you probably won't enjoy this nearly as much as bree and i did in the process, but let me tell you we had a load of fun!!

just in case you were wondering what we found here is the rundown starting from the top right...
  • bombinary (candied almonds in a little bag)
  • champagne flute
  • sugar/splenda/sweet'n low holder
  • batteries
  • tums
  • coffee cup
  • sorbet
  • casada cake
  • coca cola classic, and she could even drink it too
  • large pelligrino
  • my mom's hand
  • my huge head
  • a votive candle
  • flower bouquet
  • custard dessert cup thingy
  • fruit tart
  • hannah's shoe
  • 3 cell phones
  • dj rod's headphones
  • and the cute belly with doodah trying to imitate it with a bowl of flowers!


Karen said...

Bree you are amazingly cute, and Nina -- wow what creativity and imagination to do this collage! YOU need to become the photographer in the fam!

Jenny said...

Looks like fun :) crack me up!!


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