Friday, December 11, 2009

happy friday #1

a while back i started a series called fun friday, i am going to bring them back. i guess it is a way for both myself and readers to get a little bit more involved, so enjoy!

signs i am turning into my mother....
a lot of my readers are moms or wives, has there been a point yet that you stood there and said "whoa i am turning into my mom"

if so let me know, it can be any specific point you remember.

i can't wait to hear what you have to say!


i've noticed that i get them more frequently, but the one that stands out happened yesterday!

i put 1/2 a can of coke in the fridge,
let me give you a little history...
when i was growing up, there would always be a 1/2 drunken coke in our refrigerator, my mom would drink 1/2 the can and then throw the rest in the fridge for later. she usually never got to the later because by then either my brother or i would drink it.

well yesterday i had 2 sips of my pop and threw it in the fridge, i have no idea why, but all i remember is going in the fridge to get it later and it hit me
i am turning into my mom!

leave me some love, can't wait to hear what you have to say!


jallen said...

I am just like my mom in so many ways!!! Two things come to mind....
1. I can not go to bed unless my house in in order.
2. I can not sleep with my closet door open!
Both are her fault- Thanks mom:)

This is fun Nina!

lori bunk said...

i thought everyone did this until i came over your house the other day..

my mom NEVER put grease down the drain. she would always put it in a mug to cool and then disposed of it afterwards. i always do the exact same thing.


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