Monday, December 7, 2009

good intentions

i had such good intentions, i wanted to be a creative mom like lori and keri, but i give up...

i made this advent calender for madeline to do, it had little candies, surprises and special adventures in it, she poked her hand through the tissue paper and the calendar was in the shape of a christmas tree.

day 1 was great
day 2 christopher tipped it over and all the candy fell out of the cups, so we glued it together again
day 3 she begged for what was in day 5
day 4 we did something i don't remember
day 5 she finally got her ring
day 6 matt moved the calendar to lower ground
day 7 godzilla got his grubby mitts on it again
...and now i am over it!
look at him still reaching for what he can't have!

daddy can continue to do the amazing lego advent calendar aunt patti got her!
(haha lori do you see what is next to the calendar, thanks chris!)


lori bunk said...

oh no... i LOVED that advent calendar!!!! i was hoping as i was reading the post that my kids didn't ruin it last nite!

Keri said...

ha ha you are so funny nina - that advent calendar was super cute!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

just so you know... i love love reading your blog!

Jaimie said...

awww...that calendar is soooo cute...what a great idea!!! You guys will always have a special memory of it now as you look back and laugh:)


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