Thursday, December 17, 2009

feeling crafty

i got this crazy idea to make a little something for my niece zoey for christmas. i found the idea online and was so super excited to make it, i found it online and thought wow that looks super easy to make! i was so excited that week i went out and got the supplies, had a ton of coupons for joann's so that helped. this all took place in OCTOBER, can i just say all those supplies sat in the bag until today, for a number of reasons, #1 being i started getting cold feet.
well i started working on my project this afternoon, and let me tell you it definitely is NOT as easy as this lady told me it would be, but i am determined, so here is a little sneak peak...

1 comment:

lori bunk said...

i am so excited!!!
my kids have no idea how blessed their are to have an aunt like you!!!


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