Sunday, November 22, 2009

guest blogger: diane

my next blogger is my aunt diane, one of my nearest and dearest, she lives 3 minutes from me, so you know who i call at midnight when i am taking one kid to the dr. and leaving the other sleeping!

guest blog….hmmmm…just WHAT did i get myself into, agreeing to guest blog on the blog queen’s page? ok well here it goes:

i only feel stress at two times: day and night! here are 3 quick stress-reducers:

YOU’RE wrong!

recently an issue at beTrue was causing all kinds of stress. we could have spent the morning hashing over who was at fault & who didn’t follow proper protocol, thus making those who were NOT out of line look and feel great. “doesn’t really matter who is right or wrong, we have an issue…let’s deal with it”, i said. and you know what? INSTANTLY fuses were put out and we all began to work together towards resolve.

i am a girgenti. we LOVE to get to the bottom of things. you know what?!... i have learned that it usually doesn’t really matter to me anymore who is at fault. it’s a waste of precious time and energy that could be better utilized.

don’t TAKE offense!

how many times have we heard the phrase take offense? i take offense to that statement. no offense taken. please don’t take offense but….

it’s so easy for us to focus on SOMETHING that SOMEONE said and MAKE something out of it. ever notice that you have to TAKE offense?

some time ago, i simply decided that i was not going to TAKE offense so readily. since then, i tell you i am a much happier person (and i like those around me much more too)!

let it go already!

are you spending time finding & remembering faults of others? are you holding on to offenses? YOU are the one that is being bound and limited by these actions. having a difficult time knowing how? one of the most valuable habits i’ve incorporated was given to me by a very dear friend of my mother: tell yourself…MAKE yourself believe that “they did NOT mean it”! yup, even if you KNOW they did. wow… wouldn’t the world be an easier place to reside if we all gave & received the benefit of the doubt? let’s try it!

k, that’s my bit of wisdom for the day. is this how one blogs?

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