Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

these are 2 of my favorite littles!! they can drive me absoutely nuts sometimes, but other times i could eat them up!
case in point, at this moment we were in the magic kingdom and who knows who did what, but all lori and i saw were these 2 little people hashing out their problem. usually when they hash out their problems it involves someone crying and running to one of us, however at this moment, all i heard was isaac say "but why are you mad maddy" and all she did was give this look.
lori and i were dying, we couldn't stand it, and 2 minutes later they were playing hide and seek with each other behind the rocks and poles.
they are so in love with each other, and i couldn't be happier that madeline's best friends are her cousins!!


lori bunk said...

i cannot tell you how excited i was when i saw you got this on your camera!!! hilarious!!

hisbelovedlizc said...

Those pictures tell it all! They are best friends for life!


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