Sunday, November 8, 2009

follow the yellow brick road

today we celebrated madeline's 3rd birthday, it isn't for 2 more weeks, but we have lots going on in the next couple of weeks! in case you haven't heard it was a dorothy theme, we had a yellow brick road, emerald city balloons, rainbow pinata, a mound of leaves, lots of gifts, one clingy little man and one very loud 1 year old (she is cute but deadly)!!! huge props to my amazing parents for making the subs and the salad, i soo couldn't of done it with out them!

the cake may have been the highlight, a lady from matt's work does them on the side, words can't even tell you how cool it was the detail was crazy, she hand painted dorothy's dress!
here is her blog.
the picture does it no justice!!
ps lori thank you for taking so many pictures for me!!


lori bunk said...

it was such a fun birthday party! such a cute idea and you did a great job pulling it off!

Becca said...

love it nina! you've outdone yourself!

Jaimie said...

You are so creative and "Dorothy" is adorable!!!

Keri said...

What a great bday party!!! I love that cake - does that girl have a website???


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