Friday, November 20, 2009

3 years down

my little baby turns 3 today!! i can't believe how fast the year flew by!!!
oh how i love this little face!!
i love the way she says "come on you rockin girl"
i love the way she yells for her little brother to get out of her room.
i love the way she rolls her eyes like she is annoyed with me but as soon as i roll mine back she laughs.
i love how she crawls on my lap and hugs and kisses me.
i love how she dances around the house.
i love how she cleans up her toys while doing ballet on her tippy toes.
i love how she jumps on my husband to wrestle with her the minute he walks in the door.
i love how she asks me 1 million questions about which mall we are going too.
i love how she loves her family!
i love how she hugs her little brother and calls him big boy.
i love how she twirls her hands when she dances.
i love how she crawls in my bed and says "lets have girl talk mom".
i love how we sing the olivia theme song at the top of our lungs together.
i love that she wants to read fancy nancy 8 million times
i love that she calls me glinda and wants to be called dorothy.
i love that she will correct me and tell me to call her "madeline jean" (she tries to say jeannine)
i love that she can't stand surprises.
i love that she reminds me to pray with her when i tuck her in at night.
i love how she says "you little knucklehead"
i just love her!!!


Jaimie said...

i love how absolutely adorable she is!
i love that you two have "girl talk"
i love how much you love her!

Happy Birthday, Maddy!!!

Jaimie said...

oh...and I love that collage!!!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl, Nina! : )

Also, I noticed that adorable green chair that Madeline is sitting on in one of the pics... I totally want to get a chair like that for Claire. Do you know where you got it?


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