Tuesday, October 27, 2009

these waffles are great mom

madeline found my old hello kitty waffle maker the other day, and ever since she has been obsessing about making them, so i finally got the stuff to make them this morning.
she went and got all her hello kitties to help us, and couldn't of been more excited.

"i will help u make the batter mom"
"whoa thats cool"
"kitties, you can't have any of my waffles"
"these waffles are great mom"
"thanks mom this is fun"

it was soo much fun, even big boy enjoyed them too!

by the way her kitties names are...
minnie (pink one)
daisy (the one with the daisy in its head)
bubba (purple one)

1 comment:

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

do you remember when you came to my house and made those for me and my daddy!!! my goodness how time flies... i made waffles for gabby on saturday! i love my wafflemaker!


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