Thursday, September 24, 2009

where troubles melt like lemon drops

we had the most amazing time last night. the wizard of oz had a special one night viewing of the wizard of oz to commemorate the 70th anniversary edition of the movie, it was remastered and in hi-def. it was amazing, i took madeline and my mother-in-law, both of them actually LOVE this movie. madeline even dressed up in her dorothy costume, she was so excited, all day long she was calling me gwenda, and she would only answer to dorothy. it was a ton of fun!!!


April Maus said...

Ahhh...I wish I would have known about this special viewing, that is MY favorite movie as a little girl, and the twins love it, too!! So glad you guys had so much fun! She looks so adorable!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

ohhh what a cute lil outfit... and sweet lil shoes too!

VICTORIA said...

it doesn't get any cuter than that!


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