Wednesday, September 16, 2009

thanks sur la table

so sur la table has all their cookie cutters at $.56! I let maddy pick out as many cookie cutters as she wanted and $7.46 later we are home making cookies! we had a ball making the dough before nap time and cutting the cookies out after nap time. i have to say this kind of thing stresses me out, i am a little crazy about my kids in the kitchen while baking but this was all hers and look how cute her cookies turned out! i know you are dying to know what she picked out so in case you can't tell she got, a mingo, ballerina, sharky, moto moto (hippo), and a tar (guitar)

what was being said as this was being shot...
"mommy we have to make lots of princess crowns for daddy, he is going to be mad"
me...well why don't we make him some sharks
"he doesn't want sharks he will be mad if we don't make him lots of princess crowns!"


Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

i'm soo jealous...i paid 7$ for the eiffel tower one! xoxo

Jaimie said...

awww...looks like a lot of fun!!! Where is this place...I was just thinking recently that I need some cookie cutters:)

lori bunk said...

so cute!!!

Cathy said...

i love comments by maddy -- keep em coming! and your site is adorable!!

April Maus said...

Ok I am in LOVE with your new blog "look"...I want to copy it so bad (don't worry, I won't!)


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