Tuesday, September 15, 2009


with the morning i just had, i am going to be optimistic.
here is what i am currently thankful for...
  • mr. clean magic erasers
  • mr clean all purpose cleaner
  • that my son fits in the kitchen sink
  • pluto and minnie mouse bandaids
  • cartoons that hold an 18 month olds attention and a 3 year olds!
  • that you can't screw up macaroni and cheese, especially while trying to clean up a whole jar of carrots that your 6 month old is now dumping on himself
  • that my son is calm cool and collected, while 3 crazy girls are running around the house like wild animals, one of them with a sharpie!
  • that i only have 2 kids
  • NAP TIME!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your going to miss this,your goimg to want this back,your going to wish these days hadnt gone by so fast Poppy


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