Thursday, September 10, 2009

feeling crafty

so hubby has been in california all week on business, and while i missed him desperately, i was also enjoying some time to get some much needed crafts done.

i found this great little white carrying box at joanne's (on clearance if i might add for $1.97) and thought it would be perfect for madeline's little trinkets, i had some left over material from a toy box i made and used that for the all of the sides, with some pink ribbon around the bottom and the handle.
i also wrote her name and added some polka dots on the top of the box with some puffy paint. my friend patti gave me this great book on how to write letters really cute, and i absolutely love using this way to write her name out!

i have been waiting for some cute fabric to come in at joanne's to make a valance for Christopher's bedroom, and finally found some this week, so i haven't started the valance yet, but here is the pillow i made for him (he has been using maddy's pillow and she hasn't been very happy about it)!
feeling very accomplished!


Jenny said...

Funny how when the hubby is gone it turns into craft hub is leaving in 2 wks on business and Im already plotting crafts out :) Super cute box!

Denise said...

SUPER DUPER CUTE! Want to make three boy ones for me? lol. Love to see the crafty things you make. Glad your hubby is heading home. Seems like you worked hard to deal with it while he was gone, but Lord knows there is nothing like having them home. :)


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