Saturday, September 26, 2009

family night

tonight was ratatouille pizza night!! (thanks to lori for all the decorations) we decided to all make our own pizzas, madeline loved it she rolled her pizza out all by herself and told us exactly what she wanted on it, pepperoni and olives, just like her mommy!!!
even big boy got in on the action, he is the cutest with his hat on!
i can't stand how stinking cute he is, i love him so much!

daddy and maddy with their aprons on
we switched to the tiara for dinner look at how amazing that pizza looks!


Karen said...

oh my word!!! too to cute!!!! (this is hannah commenting on my mom's computer!) how fun to have family night!!!

jessie said...

Nina - this is so cute and easy and I want to bite off your family night! Something I can pull off on a work night too! Can I borrow 2 of those chef hats from you, please? = )


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