Monday, September 7, 2009

dreaming all week

so we celebrated scarletts birthday party on sunday afternoon, and i have been sooo looking forward to making her cake all week!!
soooo sunday morning i got up early and started making it(i wish i got a pic of the inside it was pink and purple swirled, similar to this, it took way longer than i thought to bake. i was late for church, but as soon as i got home i threw the kids in for their naps and got to working, it was so relaxing and enjoyable.
i also wish i would have gotten a pic of maddy's face when she saw the cake, she loved it and already wants one for her bday along with rachel who wants one for her 17th bday!


Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

ohhhh my mom made these for me all the time!!! beautiful job!!! i love you!

April Maus said...

Ok, so I made this cake for Sarah a few years ago, but I had a hard time making the dress tall enough for Barbie...I actually had to take her legs off so that the dress would be the right height on her waist! Terrible, I did a FAB job!

Patti Carollo said...

i love it great job!!!

jessie said...

WOW, I am super impressed!!

Brandon & Christa said...
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Brandon and Christa said...

I loved these when I was younger!!!! Love you!!! XO


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