Saturday, August 29, 2009


my new favorite city, it was gorgeous, i already told matt if we aren't in california, i want to retire to charlevoix!
we hit up the beach as soon as we got there
i was amazed at how clear the water was...
we searched for rocks, skipped rocks, and collected rocks
some of us didn't enjoy the cold water as much as others!
however we did enjoy the view!
then we headed to the lighthouse pier for a mini photoshoot with the kids...
and once again, one enjoyed it and the other not so much, i will let you be the judge

we then headed downtown to go shopping and get lunch! there was this beautiful lake front with an amphitheater, a walkway along the water, and a huge grassy park for picnics,
absolutely beautiful

ahhhh lunch!! matt found this amazing little place called scovies, it was amazing, for the first time in the 10 years that matt and i have been together i knew exactly what i wanted and matt had no idea what to get. this place did not let down, i was actually contemplating asking to go back on saturday!
and the perfect end to the cream!


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