Friday, August 14, 2009

the bride - hannah

so there is this bride doll, it used to be mine from when i was a little girl and i told my mom on several occasions i DON'T want this thing. so what does she do...invite madeline over to play and make her fall in love with this doll, and sure enough when i went to pick up maddy from their house, we couldn't leave without this doll. and now we are stuck with this bride everything is...
"i want my bride to watch mary poppins too"
"i have to bring my bride"
"where is my bride"
"hold on i have to get my bride"

well today the bride finally got a name...
"mommy what we call the bride?"
"i don't know what do you want to call her?"
"i know, lets call her hannah!"
(i said strike a pose and this is what she did!)


Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

Trying to stay offline a much as possible on this trip buut of course I had to check your blog!!! Annnd how cute!!! I feel so special :) I love u guys off to a day trip on the big island

Jenny said...

I love the "bride" ...Im still laughing!!


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