Thursday, July 9, 2009

pink mingos and aldigators

we went to the zoo today with aunt saurie, rachie, and "that boy" (mikey) we had a blast!! we saw everything and probably in record time, we had soo much fun here are a few pics from our day!

rachey and maddy visiting marty

what day at the zoo would be complete without acting like alex the lion on the little stage?

this polar bear was chillaxin right on the tunnel!

our wild bunch of animals!

my happy boy, he was soo good all morning!

we saved the best for last, we stood and stared at the mingos for 20 minutes!!!


lori bunk said...

what a beautiful day for the zoo! she is so funny with those flamingos!

jessie said...

LOVE the shot of her & Rachel posing like Lions. : )

But could have done without the polar bear butt. : )


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