Thursday, June 25, 2009


on several occasions within the last couple of weeks, several people have told me they think christopher is starting to look more and more like madeline. i would mostly just smile and say "yeah"
well i officially believe they are one and the same now!!
i was taking some pics of them together in madeline's tent and was cracking up looking at their eyes and mouthes!
they are identical.
wouldn't you agree??


Anna said...

Woah - they totally are! :)

Jenny said...

I think its the eyes...very cute!!
Congrats you are the winner!!

Send me your e-mail and I will give you all the details on how to get your free clippie!!! I am going to have you do a "reserved listing purchase" if that is alright on etsy...and in return all I ask is that you leave feedback :) Congrats again!!!


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