Sunday, June 7, 2009

saturday june 5th, part 1!!!

i am totally pulling a jaimie with this day, there was too much going on so!!!
we woke up nice an early saturday morning and started our day at harsens island for the 30th annual carollo/girgenti family picnic. every year a diffrent group is in charge and there is a theme, this years theme was pajama party and it was sooo much fun, we got up to the island to a delicious breakfast of french toast, eggs, sausage, aunt laurie's AMAZING granola (may very well be part of my death row meal, lori)
please check my aunt karen's and patti's site for more great pics!!!!

my adorable nana and papa, a.k.a hugh hefner and his bunny
the adorable girls that wouldn't sit still!
my brother, cute katie and cousins!
my mom helped us so much with kids, she is amazing!

we played in the sun all day and madeline learned how to fish!!! she LOVED it, uncle dennis got her an adorable fishing pole after i told him how she saw a commercial for a fishing rod and has been talking about going fishing. she even caught her own fish, well uncle dennis got it hooked and she reeled it up. she learned how to reel and cast her fishing rod, and she loved doing it, it was hard to catch another one because she would cast and then reel it back in! we named her new little fishy nemo, so original.


hisbelovedlizc said...

Aw, your children are going to have such great family memories!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

very fun day! i loved your blue shirt nina... xo


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