Monday, May 11, 2009

my angel and troublemaker

while madeline was coloring, my little man was...
playing with his kicky thing
i thought i would check my email real quick. BAD DECISION
10 minutes later, i find madeline on the couch and she tells me i have to wash her hands, here is what i found! she had taken the marker and colored all over her arms!!!!!
don't worry she said
"i sorry mommy, i go pick dandelion for you"


Melissa said...

awe, at least there wasn't marker on your walls, right?!? too cute!

nikki galas said...

haha thats awesome. lol

Jenny said...

I heard all you gals mention blogging the other night....:)

Thanks for hosting the "Mom's Night" and letting be bring the baby....I really enjoyed myself and meeting everyone!!

Have a great day!! Love your blog!!

denise said...

I'm impressed that it wasn't on the walls or the couch! aren't they just SOOOO fast?!?!

April Maus said...

hmm...definately is something the twins have done!! I love the flower part, though!


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