Monday, May 4, 2009

just because lori did it...

  1. my daughter is now standing on her bed conducting a choir of none in song and dance, when she should be taking her nap
  2. my son spit up on 3 outfits already today and it is only 1pm
  3. madeline decided to unfold every onesie at janie and jack, while the lady working in the store gave me the stink eye!
  4. i have dusted my living room 5 times in the last 4 days, and yet it is still dusty
  5. my bedroom, MY only room, has now been overtaken with toys
  6. i pick up 8 baby dolls, 2 princess bears, and 4 flowers hourly every day

on a good note
  1. christopher is down for a nap, and i have an hour and a half of no spit up
    1. UPDATE!! he is up, all i got was 20 minutes! thanks a lot little man!
  2. i get to enjoy surfs up with my parents and kiddies tonight
  3. the sun is out, and it isn't sweltering hot!
  4. my house is semi clean, at least clean enough for me not to feel guilty to go over my parents tonight
  5. i bought (or matt bought) christopher the cutest blue striped cardigan WITH ELBOW PATCHES at the gap for $5 this morning!!!!!
  6. my house is completely silent at this moment and i am loving every second of it


lori bunk said...

#1 is my favorite.. that girl might get squeezed to death one day by her auntie!!!

Matt Bunk said...

I bought Christopher a blazer today? That was nice of me. :)


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