Saturday, April 11, 2009

ZOO-riffic, per keri!

we had an amazing morning at the zoo!!! we went with some our closest friends and had the most enjoyable time!! here are just a few of the pics from the day!
maddy found her prince charming
she thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the polar bear arm
2 peas in a pod!! they were inseperable all day, oh i am talking about matt and chris!
keri, lori and i in the polar bear tunnel
only part of the group, we all broke off mid morning
my 2 lovies acting like bears
isaac and maddy with chris
aunt lori and maddy looking at melman the giraffe
maddy and daddy acting like lions now
our little family, missing one who slept the entire time!


Keri said...

Now what are you going to do when you're up at 4am?? ha ha. great pics!

Patti Carollo said...

very cute!


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