Thursday, April 30, 2009

very busy day

yesterday madeline had quite the busy day! we started our day with uncle justin coming over in the morning to visit, he couldn't get here fast enough, she waited at the front door from 9:30 till 10:30, when i finally took her outside to wait for him, because she was going stircrazy! they had tons of fun, reading, eating pretzels, playing don't spill the beans. we then had naptime, because every hard worker needs a nap, especially because this little princess then had to go to nana and papa's and help papa put in new lights in the kitchen. she wouldn't leave papa's side, they put new lights in the kitchen, she showed him how to ballet and tap dance, and they made homemade lemonade! all in all a pretty fun day

waiting some more
STILL waiting


denise said...

oh, how cute is that!

Jeni said...

those pictures of her waiting are adorable!!!!!


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