Monday, April 27, 2009


matt has been working late recently so it makes it hard for me to go grocery shopping on my own, so i have been trying to find just the right time in the day to go with both kids! needless to say it has been a little chaotic, either one is screaming or the other is running down the aisles.
so today i told madeline if she is a very good girl at the store she could get one prize.
here is just one convo we had...

mommy i go see the fishies??
yes in one minute ok, you need to wait for mommy to get something
ok mommy, i be patient mom

well needless to say we searched the entire store for just the right prize and guess what my little miss picked out in the entire store, a pot of flowers!!
no candy, no fruit snacks, no cheezits, just flowers!


Keri said...

awww she is so sweet!!!

jessie said...

and a flower that perfectly coordinates with her outfit at that! ; )

Patti Carollo said...

that is so cute! i can't get over how much maddy loves flowers such a girly girl she is!!!

jallen said...

were you at Meijer? We have to go see the fish too!!! It works EVERY time:) You can always drop maddy off to me I am right by the grocery store!


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