Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crazy (per matt bunk)

maddy and i are doing a little spring cleaning, and i may have a problem!!
i only buy 3 shades of nail polish
i may get in a lot of trouble from my hubby for having so much nail polish, but i can't help it!
look at all of these polishes but they are all the same shade, i guess i never realized it.\

maroon/red = fall/winter
sheer = spring/summer
pink = summer toes/maddys

should i try and broaden my horizons?

and yes that is maddy in the background getting ready to say "MOM, i want pretties!"


Sue said...

Hey I just saw I wrote bunky instead of binky in my last comment...No Pun!
As for the nailpolish, they are in assorted cute different bottles at least.

Jaimie said...

hmmm...looks like the same three colors I have. Although I only have one of each!!!

Jaimie said...

Well, after taking a closer look - they are all SLIGHTLY different shades. So...maybe it is justifiable after all!!!

jessie said...

I love the deep colors - all year long! : ) Cute post Nina

Becca said...

i thought of writing a similar post...i cant bring myself to buy any shade other than the bright pinks like you have. i think i currently have 3. i did branch out and buy navy blue, looks really cute with jeans!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

those are the SAME ones that i only buy! love love love you! ;)


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